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Fredrickson Communications eZine - October 2009

by Site Admin,

In this edition of the Fredrickson eZine . . .

The Fredcomm Blog

by Lola Fredrickson, CEO
Fredrickson Communications

We have a new addition to the Fredrickson Communications website—the Fredcomm Blog.

At Fredrickson, we make sharing information and fostering connections between learning, communications, and usability professionals part of our business. We do so through our seminars, the organizations we sponsor like the Fredrickson Roundtable for Learning Leaders and Intersect, and now through our blog.

We decided a blog would be a great addition to our website because it enables us to publish more frequently and with greater ease.

Like our eZine, our blog isn’t dedicated to just one area of our business. Our Fredrickson contributors will all be weighing in with perspectives from all our practice areas. John Wooden will be there with views on usability and technology, Robin Lucas will be writing about the business of learning, and we’ll have contributions from Joyce Lasecke and other Fredcommers. We hope you’ll visit and return often.

2010: The Year Social Learning Goes Mainstream?

by J. Hruby, Director of Marketing
Fredrickson Communications

One of the most talked-about trends in corporate learning over the past few years has been social learning—using social media technologies like blogs, discussion forums, and wikis to enhance learning.

Of course, talking about something and actually doing it are always two different things. Many corporate learning groups have found resistance both on the acceptance and implementation sides of the social learning equation.

First let’s consider the acceptance of social media. Some companies have been very slow in allowing or encouraging the use of social media tools because some have branded them as “time wasters” and “only of interest to tech-addicted Gen Y’ers.”

I can’t help but feel déjà vu all over again when I hear statements like this.

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Seminar: Surefire Ways to Manage the Review Process for Online Learning

Part of the 2009
ASTD-TCC Regional Conference & Expo – November 12, 2009

Fredrickson’s Robin Lucas and J. Hruby will deliver a seminar about conducting more efficient and effective reviews of online content. This seminar is part of the Technology and eLearning track at the 2009 ASTD-TCC Regional Conference & Expo.
Content reviews are an important step in the development process for online learning. Even in a world of rapid development tools, most online learning courses still require one or more formal reviews. Stakeholders, partners, and others usually want a say in the course’s design and content.

The question for every learning manager and content developer is this: How do you manage reviews so that they are effective, targeted, and consume the least amount of time? This seminar is designed to answer this question with a proven process, techniques, and advice for everyone involved in online learning development.

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For more advice on conducting effective online reviews, see
Robin Lucas’s article on the Fredrickson Communications website:

Seminar Date, Time, & Location
November 12, 2009
3:00 to 4:15 p.m.
RiverCentre, St. Paul, MN

For more information and to register for the 2009 ASTD-TCC Regional Conference & Expo, visit the
ASTD-TCC’s website.

Fredrickson Communications Shares in Prestigious Tekne Award

by J. Hruby, Director of Marketing
Fredrickson Communications

A project for which Fredrickson provided usability and user-centered design support has won a Tekne Award. Fredrickson’s John Wooden provided a series of usability and user-centered design classes to key members of the CareerOneStop redesign team in order to help them during the redesign process.

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