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J Hruby

J. Hruby is Fredrickson’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing and he also works with Fredrickson’s clients to develop learning strategies and related eLearning, training, and performance support products.

J. enjoys writing articles and presenting to professional organizations about issues related to eLearning, user-centered design, and the role of technology in improving performance. He has presented seminars to the local chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), the Minnesota Government IT Symposium, and the Society for Technical Communication (STC).

Before joining Fredrickson, J. was a training and quality systems documentation manager for AlliedSignal and Honeywell.

Fredrickson Communications eZine - March 2009

by J Hruby, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

In this edition of the Fredrickson eZine . . .

Going Beyond Bullets: Creating Engaging eLearning Courses with Articulate Studio

by Tony Tao
Fredrickson Communications Instructional Designer

Articulate Studio is a suite of rapid eLearning development tools that allows users to create professional and interactive eLearning courses without intensive programming skills. At Fredrickson Communications, we’ve seen and helped many of our client organizations adopt this tool because of its efficiency and relative ease of use.

The complete Articulate Studio package includes: *Presenter – Converts your PowerPoint slides into a Flash presentation. *Engage – Helps to create engaging interactions for your course. *QuizMaker – Develops graded assessment or non-graded surveys. *Video Encoder (‘09 version only) – Converts full-motion video clips for use within courses.

Articulate Studio packs a lot of functionality in one package, but having a powerful authoring tool is just a good start. Creating an effective eLearning course requires solid knowledge and skill in the areas of instructional design, graphic design, and usability in addition to the ability to use the development tool.

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Got Compliance?

by J. Hruby
Fredrickson Communications Marketing Director

In these times of ultra-lean staffing, many of our learning and development clients tell me that projects are being added to their to-do list at a pace that’s faster than they are checking off the ones they’ve completed. In many organizations this puts training groups in a bind. They need to take on roles in urgent business projects linked to revenue growth and cost reduction. But that leaves few (if any) resources left to attend to the ongoing business functions of the training group.

One of the functions that the training group provides in many organizations is fulfilling and tracking various compliance requirements. Training groups are responsible for everything from government-mandated training to industry certifications to managing continuing education requirements. Organizations also look to their training group to provide the technology to keep compliance-mandated records.

In these lean times it can be difficult to separate the urgent from the important, but compliance is truly in the “important” category. Don’t let your compliance guard down for even a second.

Nuts-and-bolts requirements like tracking course attendance or making mandated information available can seem like minor concerns given the current economy. But they still need to be done. Regulators and auditors generally won’t accept a recession as an excuse for a compliance or record-keeping lapse. At the very least, sorting out a compliance issue can eat up valuable time and resources that are already spread thin. However if a compliance lapse is discovered after an accident or during an audit, there won’t any opportunity to fix the problem.

Fredrickson has helped many organizations with their compliance needs. We can provide everything from training development and delivery, to documentation, to LMS support. We also can design and build applications to track compliance requirements. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we’d be happy to discuss how we can help.