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J Hruby

J. Hruby is Fredrickson’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing and he also works with Fredrickson’s clients to develop learning strategies and related eLearning, training, and performance support products.

J. enjoys writing articles and presenting to professional organizations about issues related to eLearning, user-centered design, and the role of technology in improving performance. He has presented seminars to the local chapter of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), the Minnesota Government IT Symposium, and the Society for Technical Communication (STC).

Before joining Fredrickson, J. was a training and quality systems documentation manager for AlliedSignal and Honeywell.

Fredrickson Communications eZine - January 2009

by J Hruby, Vice President, Sales & Marketing

In this edition of the Fredrickson eZine . . .

Crowds, Wisdom, and Work: Do’s and Don’ts for Documentation Through Online Collaboration

Part one of a two-part series
by Josh Welsh
Fredrickson Communications Usability Analyst

Wikis and other online collaboration tools have been around for several years now. Wikipedia is the best-known example of a wiki, and its growth has been nothing short of tremendous. From the time it was launched in 2001 until 2007, Wikipedia grew by an astonishing 19 million percent.

As wikis have grown on the World Wide Web, businesses have looked for ways to implement this tool at the enterprise level. Several of our clients use wikis for collaboration, as do my colleagues here at Fredrickson Communications.

But how can you cut through the hype and make the best possible use of this tool? Is it enough just to install wiki software on your intranet and tell your employees to start writing? Read more . . .

Featured Links

by J. Hruby
Fredrickson Communications Marketing Director

I always ask the employees here at Fredrickson Communications to send me links to timely and interesting articles and blog entries. Here are a few recent ones in the realm of usability, learning, and communications that I think you’ll find interesting:

Designing Usable, Self-Paced e-Learning Courses: A Practical Guide by Michael Feldstein, SUNY Learning Network, and Lisa Neal, eLearn Magazine

This is a great primer on the subject of usability as it relates to eLearning courses. eLearning, after all, is a form of software. This article provides a thorough introduction for the eLearning professional who’s interested in understanding how usability can enhance the eLearning user’s experience. Read the article . . .

The Impact of Corporate Culture on Social Media An IBM case study by Adam Christensen

Many of Fredrickson’s clients have expressed an interest in exploring the potential of social media tools to enhance learning and communication within their organizations.

Two issues almost immediately come to the forefront in these discussions:

1. How will our company culture react to this technology?
2. What can be done to select and introduce tools to make them more likely to succeed?

Adam Christensen has some good thoughts on this topic in his blog entry (with a related slide show). Read the blog entry. . .